1. What is Utility Bills Pay?

Utility Bills Pay is an Indian E-commerce and mobile payment platform that help you to pay all your Utility bills in India and is one of the perfect destinations for making faster online bill payments, liken Mobile bills( Both Postpaid & recharge) Telephone Bills, Broadband Internet, Electricity Bills, Water Taxes, Gas, DTH, Fast Tag Toll Tax etc., and more.

2. How to use Utility Bills Pay?

You can download the Utility Bills Pay APP or visit www.utiltiybillspay.com for various online Utility Bill payments, pay bills, Pay your Insurance, Pay your bank EMI’s etc.

3. What are the benefits and features of Utility Bill Pay services?

Here are some top features and top advantages of using Utility Bills Pay.

  • Register yourself with Utility bills pay and avail Cash back offers while paying bills
  • Online access can be done at any time, any day, and anywhere.
  • As an authorized entity, provide assurance to customer.
  • Single Integration with Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit
  • Access to the entire range of Billers in BBPS all over India
  • SMS/Email notification to keep you informed
  • Support multiple Billers under BBPS approved by RBI
  • Tracking of all your bill payments is possible.
  • 24/7 customer support option to help you.

4. How secure and safe is to transact through Utility Bills Pay?

100% secure and safe! The access to your financial or personal information is only possible when you log in to the utility bills pay site with your registered login name and password. Apart from that, every online information exchange done on our information is entirely encrypted. The data offered to us is sent securely through SSL technology.

5. What are the prerequisites for availing our Utility Bills Pay services?

Customer needs to register using login name( this is optional), password with mobile number and email id to avail our beneficial services. If you have any queries regarding the registration, you can contact our help desk.

6. Why I need to give Bank account ?

You need to give the bank account details so as to get the cash back offers if any credited into your back account

7. Why I need to give PAN details?

PAN details are needed to deduct TDS in case if your cash back exceeds more than Rs 15000. ON any cash back above Rs 15000 TDS at the rate of 5% will be deducted

8. Can making bill payments possible immediately after registration?

Yes, you can make use of all our services like making bill payments, online charges, etc. immediately after registering with us. You need not wait for long to avail our utility bills payment services.

9. What are the payment options supported?

Digital Channels: Internet/Website, Internet banking, Mobile app, Mobile bankingetc.through Debit card, Credit card, UPI payments.

10. Do you accept international credit cards?

We support all types of credit cards, including international credit cards.

11. Can I send money to a foreign number using Utility Bills Pay?

NO, Sorry, you will not be able to make it up. You can only transfer funds using Indian mobile numbers.

12. What type of details do you ask for the sign-up?

You just need to provide basic details like your full name, email, date of birth, phone number, and unique identification number, bank details to remit cash backs, PAN for TDS if any.

13. Can I use a mobile number that is not with me to sign up?

No! You need to have a number that is in use with you as we will send OTP to your registered mobile number for confirmation.

14. How can I contact Utility Bills Pay?

You can contact us through the 24/7 customer help desk. Other modes of contact are

  • Phone Number: 9384216782
  • Email Id: info@goodlifes.in

15. Will I be informed when there is a transaction is made or when any cash debited or credited from my Utility Bills Pay account?

Yes! You will be informed about every single activity or transactions made on your Utility Bills Pay account. You will also receive an email notification or SMS to your registered mobile number when there is any such activity or transaction made from your account,

16. In what forms can a bill payment acknowledgement receipt be provided to the customer?

Customer facing BBPS participants (BBPOU, Agent Institutions and Agents) will have to provide instant confirmation of bill payment to the customer in any of the below form:

a) Mobile Based Confirmation (SMS)
b) Email Confirmation – You can take a print out of the receipt